Sleep Innovations Memory Foam All-Pur…

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Jenjen I absolutely love this pillow! It took me a couple of nights to get used to it since I had never owned a memory foam pillow before, but on the third night I fell in love with it. I'm a side sleeper so flat pillows don't work, nor do I like one that bunches up in my face. I like that I can form the pillow as I please. The pillow case has a nice velvety feel to it, but I still like to use my own pillow cases. I also didn't notice a chemical smell like many people complain about with memory foam pillows. I've been sleeping better than I have in a long time with no neck or shoulder pain in the morning. I can definately see how this pillow retails at some online stores for over $40. I paid less than $10 at [@] but it's definitely worth 4 times that!

adularia4 No joke: I've searched for this exact pillow for THIRTY years and I've just ordered another one for my son. I had a neck injury previous and now it's all arthritic so a good pillow is really important to me. I've kept buying pillows as I was searching for something soft, that would align my head and neck, and not do a kind of "taco" deal around my face while I side-sleep. This pillow is perfect. But, it is relatively small, and it's kind of "bunchy" so if you're looking for something that will fill out a decorative pillowcase smoothly? This is not for you. I'm really cheap and this pillow was worth every penny. Also? It doesn't have any weird odor like some foam pillows do. I couldn't BE more pleased...

Scott The advertised the premium brand select comfort but ship a generic brand "Simple Confort"


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Sleep Innovations Memory Foam All-Pur…

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