RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Night Light

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IndianaJoe I use this Alarm when traveling. It does the job although with a few alterations it would be much better. I like the flashlight feature for dark hotel rooms. There are four short comings. First, the Alarm is too loud. I have to lay it on the sheets with the speaker down. It is still plenty loud enough to wake me. It is supposed to start out quiet and then get louder. Mine is at max volume all the time and max volume is way too loud. Second, the alarm time is not indicated on the main time screen. The alarm time in small letters on the main display would be handy. I have to go to the alarm display screen where you set the alarm time to see the alarm time. Third, the small alarm signal on the main display is always on even when the alarm button is not pushed. It should only be on when the alarm button is pressed in. Fourth, the thing usually beeps when I am setting the alarm time. And it is very loud. If all the main alarm stuff worked correctly and it did not have all the unnecessary stuff like birthday settings, it would be perfect. I agree with the other review, why would you need an stopwatch or birthday reminder on an alarm clock?

Mingus I like the clear display and the flash light option. Setting the alarm is needlessly over involved. Also, there is no alarm set indicator on the screen. I don't know why someone thought a travel alarm needed a stop watch and a feature that can be set to wake you up to "Happy Birthday" six months in advance. They just need to keep the design simple and functional.

nevada Smith easy to use


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RCA Digital Alarm Clock with Night Light

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