Patsy Bought for granddaughter who had used one in hospital

Texas Running Mommy I have seen lots of photos and reviews of parents using The Baby Shusher to calm their newborns and infants and promote sleep. However, I also know that white noise can be useful to small children of varied ages! I even have friends - grown ups - who use white noise to sleep better! My two year old does not like riding in the car after about an hour and a half. Guess what? We frequently visit family that lives about 3 hours away…which means the last half hour is pretty noisy. For our most recent journey, I tucked The Baby Shusher in my purse - it's palm-sized and weighs just a few ounces - just in case it would come in handy.

Wouldn't you know it, on the way home after an exhausting weekend with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin playtime, my toddler started ramping up his dissatisfaction at his position in the car. He started screaming requests for "CHOCOLATE", which, in the late afternoon, I was not keen on giving him. So I rested The Baby Shusher at the top of his carseat (he is still rear-facing) while holding it. And…he stopped screaming. Then he requested to hold it. I let him hold it, and he played with it, adjusting the volume by twisting it. (Unless he threw it at a brick wall or something, there is little damage he would do to it - or it to him!) Not a peep. In just three minutes of use, he was calmed. He ceased his whining and screaming and was by comparison much happier for the rest of the trip!

I was a bit skeptical that it would work so well, but it did! As any parent knows, the quiet moments after intense screaming are the most delightful in the world. We will definitely take The Baby Shusher along on any trips! The gentle, repetitive "shhhhhh…..shhhhhh……shhhhhh….." would be inoffensive, in my opinion, to any other travelers who happened to hear it (like on a plane or public transit). I initially got The Baby Shusher to attempt to get my son to sleep on his own (a younger sibling is due later this year!), but any usefulness after this travel benefit is just gravy!

Kate, mommy of four The Baby Shusher calmed my colicy baby down in just minutes and she fell asleep. Anytime she is having a rough night we turn on the Baby Shusher and she calms right down. This product has been a life saver and has allowed us to actually get some sleep!

First-Time Mom of All Trades The Baby Shusher calmed my colicy baby down in just minutes and she fell asleep. Anytime she is having a rough night we turn on the Baby Shusher and she calms right down. This product has been a life saver and has allowed us to actually get some sleep!

on the go mom This is a must have, my daughter is 3 and has issues with falling asleep. So much so that the doctor has recommended medication for it but I refused. After hearing about this device we ordered one in and it works! Within a couple of minutes she is out!!

My sister just had twins and I gave one of these to her and it works for them as well. Not just for getting them to sleep but at times when she is feeding one and the other is being fussy, this helps to calm them down until she is finished with the first one. She loves it as much as we do.

This will forever be my future baby shower gift of choice for new moms.

Emily I will fully admit that the first time I saw this, I thought it was silly. We have white noise machines or other things that would probably would just as well. Right?

And then I got one.... It's just SO handy. It's small and portable, easy to carry or throw in your purse/diaper bag, stands on a dresser/nightstand.... it definitely gets loud enough to set away from the crib and still be effective. It also adjusts to a very low volume or anywhere in between (by rotating it).

You can set it to play for 15 minutes or 30 minutes. I usually just use the 30 min one and do like that it turns off after that... then my baby is asleep and is not relying on "white noise" (or "shushing" as this may be) to continue sleeping all night long - it just helps during that battle of fighting off sleep at the start. Or you can always restart it once it stops.

It's softer or more gentle than just "white noise" and there are pauses between each "shhhh" just as if someone was saying it to the baby.

My 2-year-old adores the thing, too... she puts her finger to her lips and says "Shhhh" when asking for it and she hugs it close, even when awake. It's like a comfort thing I guess... just like a mommy saying "shhhh." It's the cutest thing - even though I know this is for babies ;)

This would be a great gift for a new mom - anything that might help the baby sleep better and let mom get some rest!! My friend is having her first this fall and she'll be getting a baby shusher from me - I love finding new and unique things for gifts! I received my Baby Shusher to test out.

Babysitter I was given a 1 year old to babysit that I had never met before, along with spare diapers and her Baby Shusher.

I was skeptical, but turned on the Baby Shusher when it was time for baby to sleep. It was like magic! less than two minutes and she was asleep.

Easiest Baby Sitting ever! Thank you Baby Shusher.

Sophia's Mom I added this the Shusher to my registry as a 'want' item based on online 'must have' registry lists and reviews. It does what it says it will: emits a 'shushing' sound for either 15 or 30 minutes. I turn in on after I have been gently 'shushing' my baby to sleep and let it take over so that I can put her down and walk away. Although there is a volume dial, I don't think that the lowest setting is low enough and I had to find a strategic place to hang it since the volume emits from the bottom of the product. The battery is not going to be convenient to replace (screwdriver plus special battery) and that is the main reason I did not give it 5 stars. It is also not something I would purchase on my own as a 'necessity,' but glad that someone else purchased it for me. During the day and early evening, my baby falls asleep to classical music. I use this for the middle of the night feeding...when necessary.

Mls770 First, I should mention a few things before I review this product. 1) my second baby has been incredibly easy and doesn't cry very much for long periods of time. 2) I received this product when he hit the 4 month mark.

In the product info sheet, the baby shusher recommends to introduce this device between the ages of newborn to 4 months to achieve the best results. (Even though they have gotten great results post 4 months it seems that before this benchmark is the optimal age). I believe this was one reason why the product did not work for us.

Another is that when we calm the baby down we use short shhh shhhh shhh sounds, not a long continuous shhhhhhhh. Because of the change, the baby shusher just seemed to get him more upset.

Before buying the actual baby shusher, I would try the app from the iTunes Store to see if it works. If it does, then I would invest in the actual product. If you are going to use it continuously, it would be better to not expose the baby to more cellphone/ iPad exposure than necessary.

Hope this helps

New Mom I purchased this for my husband as he is the one who "shushes" our baby girl to sleep. I thought he could use the break. WIthin minutes she is asleep and he doesn't have to "shush" her himself. It actually works better than when he did it. I love the timer aspect so we can just place it on a shelf next to her crib and leave her be. She is three months old and went to sleep fine before the three month mark but now that she is older and more alert it took her forever to go to sleep but using the swaddle and the Baby Shusher and a paci- now its minutes. Changed our lives! Love it!


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Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies

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