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Anna This is the second attempt I've made at buying this product, and both times I was sent a product that doesn't work. This leads me to believe that other people are buying this projector, it doesn't work for them or it breaks quickly, so they return it, and it gets sent back out. If this had happened just one time, I would say it can happen, defective items can be sent out. But to receive TWO projectors that wouldn't even turn on makes me think there is something wrong with the product itself.

The second projector we bought was clearly used, broken, and returned. It came in a box without the instructions (which the first box had), had smudges of dirt or something on it, and someone else's hair was stuck to it. It had clearly been used, broken or stopped working, and returned. It appears that there are some people who have been happy with this projector (in fact, it was recommended to us by a friend), but to receive two defective items makes me think there is a larger issue with the product.

Mom of Two I just bought two of these today, so I can only tell you the features I like about them and not so much about the products dependability.

We previously had the Homedics Sound Spa & Lullaby machine and I have had to replace that thing over 10 times. The projection or sound in each unit would break. In looking to finally find something new, I came across this Munchkin product. It is exactly what I wanted. I called customer service before I bought this product because I had a couple questions and the answers they gave me were incorrect. So I just decided to buy it and try it out for myself. I am so glad I did.

I wanted to make sure that the image rotated on the ceiling and wasn't just a still image. I was told it WAS a still image, but it DOES ROTATE, a feature I wanted. I also asked if the device would play all night long and if I could bypass the timer settings of 15, 30 and 60 minutes. They told me NO the device would turn off and could not be played all night, but IT DOES play all night and project an image all night if you want it to, again exactly what I wanted. One bonus feature that the other sound machine I owned did not have is voice activation. If I did use the timer settings and the baby woke up, the machine will turn on by itself for the same amount of time it was set for before. This feature can be turned on and off as well. WIN WIN WIN!! The pictures are very clear and not too bright but just right. The sound is good and it has more sound options then the previous machine I owned.

So far, I HIGHLY recommend this product. I just hope it holds up better and longer then other comparable products out there. Just having a sound machine is what helped us with our baby going to sleep on his own, just wish I would have had a dependable one from the beginning. But hopefully this one will be the dependable one for our second child.

Mama of 3 It's wonderful for our new baby. It has a night light where I don't have to turn on any lights to feed and diaper change. The projector shows is what really keeps my baby entertained. The sounds sooth and calm my baby. I LOVE IT!!! AND it doesn't run on batteries!!! I LOVE that!!!

Working Mom of Two It's wonderful for our new baby. It has a night light where I don't have to turn on any lights to feed and diaper change. The projector shows is what really keeps my baby entertained. The sounds sooth and calm my baby. I LOVE IT!!! AND it doesn't run on batteries!!! I LOVE that!!!

Mama12 The projector has gone out within just a few months on TWO of these. While customer service is very nice and replaced the first one, I don't even want to bother with having the second one replaced. You can buy night lights for $5 that have a picture on them, rather than buying this for the projector that doesn't rotate. At least the sound machine and night light still work.

Mom on the go We have used this product since our daughter was 3-4 months old, we used to bounce her out by the kitchen vent fan because she always fell asleep with white noise, now we lay her down turn on the sound machine for 15 minutes and she's alseep in 5 minutes. She's almost 16 months now and we still use it every night and for naps, she doesn't like or need to be rocked to sleep, just turn on the sounds machine, lay her down, and viola. She also loves the projector on it, and we let her play with it all the time, it's very sturdy, she has knocked it of the night stand countless times and it still works, not ideal, but sometimes things like that happen with toddlers, she knocks it off so she can reach it to play with it. We've never had a problem with it. Out of everything we ever got for her this was easily the best item.

Sleepy Dad This product is fantastic - it plays a number of sounds and projects three possible sets of fairly bright static or moving images on the ceiling. My two month old loves it, and yes, it helps him be content and fall asleep in his crib.

There is one annoying flaw: the nightlight button is lit with a bright bluish white LED which is every bit of a nightlight that the nightlight is, and unfortunately, there's no way to turn it off without unplugging the unit. If you like to sleep in a dark room, this is a bummer.

Note to manufacturer: you'd be better off lighting the nightlight button with a fairly dim *red* LED - it allows the button to be located without affecting your scotopic vision and disturbing your or the baby's sleep.

trace403 Right now we use it in our bedroom since our 1 month old sleeps in there. The nightlight is the perfect amount of light, not too much, not too bright. Right now we are not using the projection feature, but have tried it out and I think baby will love once he is older. If you do need a brighter light, you can turn this feature on. Its great that it comes with 3 different projection themes. It also comes with 6 different sounds and music. right now we are loving the ocean waves. You can control the volume and it actually gets quite loud if you want it too. You can time it to turn off after 60, 30, or 15 minutes, or have it run continuously. It also has an option that if you do time it to go off, it turns back on by sound. We havent tried this yet since we have it running all night. The product itself is small enough that it would be easy to travel with too.

the only two negative things i could say about this product (if they are really negative at all) are that you have to plug in the unit. There is no option for batteries or a charger. The other negative would be that there is a button to turn the nightlight on/off that is lit up. If you want to turn the sound on and have the room super dark, you cannot turn off the lit nightlight button. neither of these things bother me, so i find the product absolutely fantastic. I think im actually going to miss it once we move the baby into his own room with it. i might consider getting one to keep in the room with me!

BabyMomma I'm honestly shocked by all the bad reviews on this product. We did not register for it (being a new parent, didn't realize the necessity) but it was gifted to us by a friend who thought we needed one. BEST GIFT EVER!!! We have used it EVERY night, ALL night, for the last 2 years! We also use it every day at nap time (originally 3 naps a day, then 2 and now 1. Suffice to say, this little thing has been used a TON!) It travels with us, everywhere we go. My son knows when the sound comes on, it's "night-night" time. To be fair, we don't run the projector at night (only the sound) so I can't speak to all the reviews that complain about that not working a long time. But my son does like to use the projector while having his diaper changed, so we have used it fairly often, too, and have not seen it break yet. (It did get stuck, once, but I took the reel out and put it back in, jiggled it a little and it worked again.) This is my new "go-to" baby shower gift. Even if it's not on the registry because I think every parent should have one!!

One complaint - as another reviewer noted, you can't adjust the brightness of the projector (which is a big reason why we've never used it at night.) And, the noise activation option activates the sound and light, which means when your little one cries his room will light up like it's mid-day. Hence the reason we turn the sound on, only, and leave it playing all night (instead of using the timer and voice activation.)

Jay A. This was given to my baby as a christmas gift and it works great. It entertains her while she's in her crib and sooths her to sleep.

It has about 6 different options for soothing sounds. From nature sounds to music.

The projector and sound has a timer and is voice activated, turns on it's own when baby cries.

And the best part for me: It plugs in to the wall!!! No batteries to replace!!


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Munchkin Nursery Projector and Sound…

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