Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Sofa Sli…

Updated at 1/22/2016 07:47:08 - Details

Linda This is the first slipcover we've ordered, and it is everything expected. Color is rich, material soft, and it fits well. Material has stretch to it which makes it very easy to manipulate. Couldn't be happier. Only con is that tags are sown into the seams and can't be removed when cover is on couch without opening up the seam. Cutting them off leaves a bit of the tag. Not desirable.

Kim I thought this product was very easy to put on my sofa. The dark brown color was rich and very soft. Unfortunately, I had to return it because I have Down pillows on the back of my sofa and this slipcover showed every lump and bump. If you have cushions rather than Down, I would highly recommend this product.


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Maytex Pixel Stretch 2-Piece Sofa Sli…

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